Monday, August 22, 2011

Glitter, glitter everywhere!

I'm still not fully unpacked, so most of my awesome craft supplies are still in boxes.  I'm hoping to get them unpacked soon, but until then, I've had to buy new supplies for my crafting needs.  Of course, I'm not complaining - who doesn't want an excuse to buy more glitter??

This week's challenge was 'Glitter,' and I'm very excited.  Instead of just buying a single vial of glitter, I got a multipack at Michael's, and it was awesome.  I used glitter with two widths of double-sided tape, along with some stickers and rhinestones, to create two cards.


I used 1/4 inch tape with 'Grape' glitter by Recollections, 1/2 inch tape with 'Raspberry' glitter by Recollections, and a strip of Recollections Adhesive Rhinestones, all on a Recollections Blank Card.  The sentiment was written with a Foray Stylemark 0.5 mm felt-tipped pen from Office Depot.  I have a 'hello' stamp that I think I'll use next time I make a card like this (once I've unearthed it!).


Again, I used the 1/4 and 1/2 inch tape, this time with 'Ocean' and 'Paradise' glitter by Recollections.  I also added Making Memories Glitter Stickers.  This was a Recollections Blank Card, too.

In addition to the four shades of glitter used on these cards, I got 'Citron' and 'Water' in the multipack - beautiful colours, but I didn't have any accessories to go with them.  But no fear!  They will be used!  

I learned a valuable lesson, too.  Glitter on a tv tray instead of a table results in glitter on the floor, the couch, me, and the dog.  And Mia (the dog) still has some glitter on her, because she refuses to get into the shower.  So I have a sparkly puppy.  It's awesome.

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