Friday, September 30, 2011

Catching Up

I feel like I've done so much lately... but I don't have anything to show for it lol. I do however have a project that I made a couple of weeks ago and I finally loaded the pictures onto the laptop :)

One of Paul's co-workers hired me to make a birt
hday cake for a party that he was hosting. The theme was penguins...I was VERY nervous for this cake but it turned out awesomely!!

I started with the cake, and I made it from
scratch - so many people keep asking me why I don't make cakes with boxed cake mix - I feel that it makes them too light and fluffy to decorate.

I started with alot of eggs and butter, I used a recipe from my Cakepops book.
It was fun to make the cake. Paul helped to make the igloo for the top of the cake, we took the idea from Cake Boss and made it out of Rice Krispie treats :)
I then iced the cake with white buttercream icing - and I used a spatula to create the "snow" effect on the top of the cake. I mixed blue food colouring with piping gel to create the water in the pool at the bottom of the little slide.
Then we added fondant penguins and more water around the base of the cake. Everyone was in love with it. And another friend wants me to make her wedding cake! I'm pretty pumped about that.

So here is the final cake!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Can't blog. Knitting.

No, seriously. I'm rushing to finish two baby blankets. Photos will be posted when I'm done. Promise.

Friday, September 23, 2011

So freaking busy lol

So I am no good at posting on here but I have been insanely busy, especially on Fridays lol. I thought maternity leave was supposed to be a time of relaxation lol.

Nora and I were in Winnipeg for awhile so not too much crafting was done there. And it just so happened that my Dad's retirement fell on a Friday - reason for no post that day lol. The following Friday was the day after Nora and I got home. We slept most of the day lol. Which brings us to today.

I held the first Stampin Up party I've done since I had Nora on Wednesday night. It was a huge success and my stamp club starts again tomorrow night! Yay!
AND I'm making a friends wedding cake too. And planning my wedding. It's going to be busy.

Happy Friday blogworld!!!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Finishing things up

No photos this week, but I did manage to finish the second legwarmer that I showed you last week.  I also whipped up a crocheted dice bag for myself this past weekend.  That's really not bad, considering that I have no idea how last week managed to disappear so quickly!

I do have plans for upcoming projects - well, projects to finish, at least.  I've still got the baby blanket to finish for my niece, which I hope to work on this weekend.  I've got a baby blanket for a friend's shower on Oct 2, which will also get worked on this weekend, I think.  I've still got the many cross-stitch projects to work on, and I'm hoping to work on those during the evenings this week.  I want to get the Tinkerbell project finished soon, so I can wrap it up for Christmas and put it away.  Then I'll get back to Mom's stocking ;)  I don't know that it will get done this year, but I'm going to try!

And did I mention that I'm working on about a million dishcloths?  My office participates in "Relay for Life," and several of the women that I work with have suggested that I sell cotton crocheted/knitted dishcloths as my fundraiser this year - at least three people have already asked to buy them, so they're filling my in-between-things time.

You can see, there's no shortage of things for me to do!  I'll let you know what gets done next...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Half a set of legwarmers

Hello all!  It's been a crazy weekend full of traveling, but I managed to get some crafting done on the plane.  I made the first of a pair of baby legwarmers for my niece.  I used Serenity Garden Yarn from the Deborah Norville Collection of Premier Yarns.  It's a dralon microfibre yarn, and it's super-soft.  The color is called "Roses," and it fades from brown to bright pink to pale pink and back again.

I made up the pattern myself - the upper cuff is 38 rows of 5 sc through the back loop, then joined.  Then I did a single round of sc all the way around (40 st), then 19 more rows of a pattern stitch, one row with two decreases, five rows of pattern, one row with two decreases, then about 20 more rows of pattern.  (This is to remind me when I start working on the second one!)


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Danielle's Navy Dress

Hello!  I missed my usual Sunday post because I was off playing at Dragon*Con, the sci-fi/fantasy convention.  Since I was busy being a geek, I didn't get a chance to make anything new.  I did, however, wear a costume that I made myself.  I think it came from a McCall's pattern, and I modified it a bit.  Instead of a zipper down the back, I put in grommets and laced it up with a coordinating navy ribbon.  The lace and braiding were all hand-stitched, and I'm really happy with how it turned out.  In fact, because so many people liked it, and because two of my friends came up with absolutely lovely costumes of their own, now I'm thinking about sewing a new costume for next year.  I'm up for suggestions!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

This week

This week has been kind of crazy for me. Paul started back to work so it's been just me and Nora at home, and it's hard to get things done lol. BUT we were busy on Thursday - Paul and a friend of ours Bill, did the backsplash in our kitchen. Yay for home renos!!

So here are the pics:




And all of that was less than $250. Yay us! In case anyone is wondering, I did the design of the stone :)

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