Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekly Update

Another week, another round of updates! So what have I been up to? Lots and lots and lots of knitting! Yesterday, I worked on four - that's right, FOUR - different projects!  I knit Jonathan's socks at lunch, worked on my tank while I was watching Ringer on Netflix, did several rows on Wendy's baby blanket while watching a knitting podcast, and whipped out a baby gift for Shawn and Becca while watching a movie. What can I say? It was a dreary, rainy day, perfect for knitting. 

So what have I finished this week?
This is the gift for Shawn and Becca - a newborn cocoon, made from Plymouth Yarn's Heaven in color 2, a light pink with white trim. She's due in about a month, so if I put it in the mail soon, she should get it on time. 

Socks for baby! These are from the same Premier Yarn Wool-Free Sock in Vegas Lights that I used for my sister and my other niece. 

Here's all three together:
How cute is that??

I've got a bunch of stuff in progress, of course. I'm still working on Wendy's baby blanket, and still not taking photos because she wants it to be a surprise. I'm up to 135/260 rows, so just past the halfway point. I'll keep on with that, and once it's done, I'll be sure to take some photos to post once we have her baby shower and I don't have to keep it a secret anymore. 

I've been working on Jonathan's socks during my lunch breaks, and I'm probably about a third of the way down the foot. They look huge, but I can't tell if that's just because I'm comparing them to my tiny fairy feet. 

I'm also still working on my tank. I'm done with the skirted portion, and the ribbed waistband, and I'm on to the top part of the bodice. I've finished about 2.5" of the seed stitch, and have another 2.5" until it's time to start shaping the armholes. It looks like I might actually get this done before summer is over!

Finally, I cast on another new project, although this one is definitely going to be a long-term. It's a sock yarn blanket, to use up the ends after I've finished socks. I'm using Martine Ellis's Knitted Patchwork Recipe, which can be found on Ravelry (I can't make my link work today, sorry). I figure it seems like a good idea since I'm doing the 26PP, right?

So that's what I've been up to this past week. I've gotta say, this whole blogging thing is definitely prompting me to get things done - I feel guilty if I don't have something new to show! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June is halfway done!

Time sure flies, doesn't it? Especially when you're busy!

This past weekend, I did my first 5k. There were a bunch of us from my office, and it was cool. True, I mostly walked, but I finished in under an hour, and I was walking on a sprained foot - so not too bad! I'm not sure if I'll be doing it again any time soon... But it was a fun experience. 

In crafting news, I've got three things currently in progress. I'm still working on my tank top, and I'm up to the waistband section. 

I started Wendy's baby blanket this weekend, and I'm on row 85 of 260. She wants to be surprised by the end result, so I won't be posting pics until after her baby shower, which should be soon - she looks like she's ready to be done.  

I also ripped out and restarted Jonathan's socks. I realized after I had finished the first part of the toe that I had forgotten to do an important part of the math to make sure they would fit, so they were going to be way too big. I restarted tonight, and hopefully it will go better this time around. 

I don't have any finished projects this week, but maybe I will next time. 

Oh, and did I mention I signed up for a challenge? Like a good little knitter, I'm on Ravelry, and I joined the 26PP. That's the 26 pair plunge - the goal is to knit 26 pairs of socks in one year, beginning on July 1. I've really been enjoying socks lately, and this should force me to use up some more of my stash :)

One of these days, I'll do something besides knit... But I've got so many things to make! Also? Everyone is getting socks for Christmas!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Better late than never...

I totally forgot to post last night. Oops. But it was because I was busy knitting! Here's my weekly update:

Completed Items:

A mountain of cake balls made up this birthday cake for my friend Mike. It was a standard chocolate cake with peppermint extract added. The frosting was Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge, again with peppermint extract added, then microwaved so it was a drizzleable consistency. I topped it all off with some Andes Mint Chocolate Chips, then drizzled on even more frosting. 

I had some extra cake balls, so I made a mini-mountain to take to game night :)

I knit a pair of toddler socks to match the pair I made for my sister last week. 

I also knit a second pair of socks for Karen! They were going to be for me, but they're just a touch too big. I really need to get a sock blocker... They look fine once they're on feet, but they don't fold up very well yet. 

I also made this contraption for work, though I've already used it for myself... It's a photo box! All of the sock photos were taken inside of it, and I'm happy with how nice and crisp they look. 

In Progress:
1. My tank top. I looked up the name: it's the Skirted Tank from the Spring/Sumner 2013 edition of KnitSimple. I'm knitting the front and back at the same time (because the instructions for the front are 'work as for back until...' and I'm too lazy to count the number of rows in each section, write them down, and then get it exactly the same for the front). I'm about 10 inches along, and only about three inches from the next section. I may get to that tonight!

2. More socks. This pair is for a friend, and I'm using Paton's Stretch Sock in Pumpkin Spice Jacquard. My local Michael's was clearing out their sock yarn, so I picked it up for $2.49/ball, which is not bad at all. 

3. Wavy Blanket. I started this one years and years ago, back when the Bay in downtown Winnipeg still had a craft department in the basement. The yarn was on clearance, and I swear I have enough of this colour to make two blankets or more. So that's what I'm doing. Once I'm done crocheting this one, I'll find a knit pattern and make a second one, then give them to my nieces. 

Waiting to start:
1. Baby socks for Baby A, to match Karen's pair. 

2. Socks for my man, because I won't make him a sweater. (Have you heard of that superstition?)

3. Socks for me! I still haven't made any socks for myself, except for the very first pair I made about ten years ago (which I still have, but don't wear because they're made from a bulky yarn and have very different tension between the two socks, so one fits well and the other slides off).

4. Picnic blanket. I started this one about three years ago, and it's just been hanging out in a basket. I need to finish it, and I'll probably end up giving it to Colby and David, since they've got a little one who will probably want to spend lots of time outside on the grass this summer. 

5. Sock yarn blanket. I've seen several versions of this online, and I think it's a great way to use up all the ends I'm left with after making socks. It'll be a very long-term project, I think. 

6. More handwarmers. I can never have too many handwarmers. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I can't think of a clever title.

I've made so much stuff this week! Of course, none of it was from my pile of old projects...

I started and finished a new pair of pink handwarmers, so I finally have some to coordinate with my pink clothes! They're knit from a self-striping sock yarn, Premier Yarns Serenity Sock from the Deborah Norville collection in Pink Sugar. 

I also started and finished a pair of socks for Karen!  I used Premier Yarns Wool-Free Sock in Vegas Lights. Karen hasn't seen them in person yet, but she loved the pic so much that she's asked for matching socks for the little ones. I've started the first pair, but I'm waiting on a few measurements before I can finish (hint, hint).

I don't have any photos of them, but I also crocheted two water bottle carriers to take to the Renaissance Festival this past weekend. I knew from past experience that it's hot there, and that I'd need to stay hydrated, but I really don't like carrying a water bottle in my hand when I'm wandering around and potentially shopping. I made these from Sugar & Cream cotton in various colours (leftovers from past projects), and each one took about an hour. One of the friends who came along had requested one of his own for next year - in a manlier color. 

Finally, I started a new project for me. It's a tank top from the current edition of Knit Simple magazine (but I don't remember what it's called, and I'm too lazy to go find it). I'm using Paton's Grace in Azure, and I'm very excited about it! It's been a while since I've made myself a knit top. 

So that's what I've been up to this week!