Sunday, August 14, 2011


Hello out there!


Welcome to our new blog.  I'm Danielle, and along with my sister, Karen, I'm going to share some of my crafting with the world.  We're both crafters, probably thanks to our mom, who is also a crafter, and the awesome 'craft cupboard' that we grew up with.

What is a craft cupboard?  It's a big armoire-type cupboard filled to the brim with stuff to make things.  It had pipe cleaners, yarn, knitting needles, embroidery floss, pompoms, googly eyes, construction paper, paper towel rolls, paint, glitter, stickers, jewels - you name it!  When we got bored, Mom would usually send us to the craft cupboard, and we would let our imaginations run wild.  It was great!

Today, Karen and I each have a craft ROOM, not just a cupboard!  Our interests cover everything from knitting and crochet, to stamping and scrapbooking, to cross-stitching and sewing, and everything in between.

On Mondays, I'll post my craft updates, and on Fridays, Karen will post hers.  And who knows, we might even get some guest bloggers from time to time!

We're going to start out with a challenge - headbands.  Come visit on Monday to see what I come up with, and on Friday to see what Karen did.

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