Thursday, January 23, 2014


I had two FOs this week - a matchy-matchy set of dragon hoodies!  The pattern is the Cute Creatures Hooded Sweater by Paula M (available for purchase on Ravelry). It's the same basic pattern as the owl hoodie I made for my niece, but with different appliqués.  They were a gift for a friend who is expecting her second baby any day now - she said that she's not normally a fan of matching outfits, but that dragons are definitely an exception!

I worked on my Oceanic socks, and I've finished the first and started the second.  I'm not even halfway to the heel, though... Hopefully, I'll get a lot of good knitting time this weekend so I can finish these and then start on a new pair, because I got new yarn!

I updated my stash on Ravelry tonight, because I have had a lot of enhancements in the past month, but didn't get around to adding them.  First, Christmas present yarn!

 Shiny pink yarn from Colby and David! They know me well ;) It's from XrayAnn's Etsy shop, and it's a superwash merino/nylon blend with sparkle.  It's going to be my next pair of socks, and I can't wait.

Next, souvenir yarn:
I found some gorgeous lace yarn while I was up visiting my family at Christmas, and now I'm on the hunt for the perfect shawl pattern.

I also got some prize yarn:
Green and sparkly, from Jen of the Commuter Knitter podcast.  I can't decide if it will grow up to be socks (it's a merino/nylon blend) or a shawl.  I'm leaning towards socks.., and matching handwarmers.

I also got club yarn, thanks to my sister who got into the Sunnydale Yarn Club from Dizzy Blonde Studios:
I'm excited to start this, but I'm not sure if it'll be socks or handwarmers or a hat or a shawl, or something else entirely.

And then there was yarn because I found new yarn shops:
 This pretty stuff came from FLEECE in Cumming, Ga, and will end up as a pair of socks for my beau.

 These came from the Cast-On Cottage and Needlepoint Garden in Roswell, Ga, and will be a gift for my sister... So you may not hear any more about them until she gets the finished object!

And finally, I got two skeins today, because it's Thursday:
I'm turning into such a Malabrigo fan! I've already started working with it for a secret project on Ravelry, and also a pair of handwarmers for myself.  I also got a skein of Koigu, but I somehow forgot to take a photo of it.  It's super-bright, and will eventually become socks.

Wow.  I think, maybe, it's time for a yarn diet...

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