Friday, September 30, 2011

Catching Up

I feel like I've done so much lately... but I don't have anything to show for it lol. I do however have a project that I made a couple of weeks ago and I finally loaded the pictures onto the laptop :)

One of Paul's co-workers hired me to make a birt
hday cake for a party that he was hosting. The theme was penguins...I was VERY nervous for this cake but it turned out awesomely!!

I started with the cake, and I made it from
scratch - so many people keep asking me why I don't make cakes with boxed cake mix - I feel that it makes them too light and fluffy to decorate.

I started with alot of eggs and butter, I used a recipe from my Cakepops book.
It was fun to make the cake. Paul helped to make the igloo for the top of the cake, we took the idea from Cake Boss and made it out of Rice Krispie treats :)
I then iced the cake with white buttercream icing - and I used a spatula to create the "snow" effect on the top of the cake. I mixed blue food colouring with piping gel to create the water in the pool at the bottom of the little slide.
Then we added fondant penguins and more water around the base of the cake. Everyone was in love with it. And another friend wants me to make her wedding cake! I'm pretty pumped about that.

So here is the final cake!

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