Monday, September 19, 2011

Finishing things up

No photos this week, but I did manage to finish the second legwarmer that I showed you last week.  I also whipped up a crocheted dice bag for myself this past weekend.  That's really not bad, considering that I have no idea how last week managed to disappear so quickly!

I do have plans for upcoming projects - well, projects to finish, at least.  I've still got the baby blanket to finish for my niece, which I hope to work on this weekend.  I've got a baby blanket for a friend's shower on Oct 2, which will also get worked on this weekend, I think.  I've still got the many cross-stitch projects to work on, and I'm hoping to work on those during the evenings this week.  I want to get the Tinkerbell project finished soon, so I can wrap it up for Christmas and put it away.  Then I'll get back to Mom's stocking ;)  I don't know that it will get done this year, but I'm going to try!

And did I mention that I'm working on about a million dishcloths?  My office participates in "Relay for Life," and several of the women that I work with have suggested that I sell cotton crocheted/knitted dishcloths as my fundraiser this year - at least three people have already asked to buy them, so they're filling my in-between-things time.

You can see, there's no shortage of things for me to do!  I'll let you know what gets done next...

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