Friday, September 23, 2011

So freaking busy lol

So I am no good at posting on here but I have been insanely busy, especially on Fridays lol. I thought maternity leave was supposed to be a time of relaxation lol.

Nora and I were in Winnipeg for awhile so not too much crafting was done there. And it just so happened that my Dad's retirement fell on a Friday - reason for no post that day lol. The following Friday was the day after Nora and I got home. We slept most of the day lol. Which brings us to today.

I held the first Stampin Up party I've done since I had Nora on Wednesday night. It was a huge success and my stamp club starts again tomorrow night! Yay!
AND I'm making a friends wedding cake too. And planning my wedding. It's going to be busy.

Happy Friday blogworld!!!

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