Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Better late than never...

I totally forgot to post last night. Oops. But it was because I was busy knitting! Here's my weekly update:

Completed Items:

A mountain of cake balls made up this birthday cake for my friend Mike. It was a standard chocolate cake with peppermint extract added. The frosting was Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge, again with peppermint extract added, then microwaved so it was a drizzleable consistency. I topped it all off with some Andes Mint Chocolate Chips, then drizzled on even more frosting. 

I had some extra cake balls, so I made a mini-mountain to take to game night :)

I knit a pair of toddler socks to match the pair I made for my sister last week. 

I also knit a second pair of socks for Karen! They were going to be for me, but they're just a touch too big. I really need to get a sock blocker... They look fine once they're on feet, but they don't fold up very well yet. 

I also made this contraption for work, though I've already used it for myself... It's a photo box! All of the sock photos were taken inside of it, and I'm happy with how nice and crisp they look. 

In Progress:
1. My tank top. I looked up the name: it's the Skirted Tank from the Spring/Sumner 2013 edition of KnitSimple. I'm knitting the front and back at the same time (because the instructions for the front are 'work as for back until...' and I'm too lazy to count the number of rows in each section, write them down, and then get it exactly the same for the front). I'm about 10 inches along, and only about three inches from the next section. I may get to that tonight!

2. More socks. This pair is for a friend, and I'm using Paton's Stretch Sock in Pumpkin Spice Jacquard. My local Michael's was clearing out their sock yarn, so I picked it up for $2.49/ball, which is not bad at all. 

3. Wavy Blanket. I started this one years and years ago, back when the Bay in downtown Winnipeg still had a craft department in the basement. The yarn was on clearance, and I swear I have enough of this colour to make two blankets or more. So that's what I'm doing. Once I'm done crocheting this one, I'll find a knit pattern and make a second one, then give them to my nieces. 

Waiting to start:
1. Baby socks for Baby A, to match Karen's pair. 

2. Socks for my man, because I won't make him a sweater. (Have you heard of that superstition?)

3. Socks for me! I still haven't made any socks for myself, except for the very first pair I made about ten years ago (which I still have, but don't wear because they're made from a bulky yarn and have very different tension between the two socks, so one fits well and the other slides off).

4. Picnic blanket. I started this one about three years ago, and it's just been hanging out in a basket. I need to finish it, and I'll probably end up giving it to Colby and David, since they've got a little one who will probably want to spend lots of time outside on the grass this summer. 

5. Sock yarn blanket. I've seen several versions of this online, and I think it's a great way to use up all the ends I'm left with after making socks. It'll be a very long-term project, I think. 

6. More handwarmers. I can never have too many handwarmers. 

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