Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's July!

Happy belated Canada Day! I hope all of my Canadian friends had a great day yesterday. 

And happy early Fourth of July to my American friends!

I've been busy this past week, and I've made progress on lots of stuff, but I only have one finished object...

Look! It's my first pair of socks for the 26 Pair Plunge! It's yet another pair made of the Premier Yarns Wool-Free Sock in Vegas Lights. 

I've started another pair of handwarmers, using that same yarn - this should use up the end of my two skeins, I hope! No photos yet, but expect some next week.

I've made some very nice progress on my Skirted tank: 
The back is finished and blocking. I've just got the straps left on the front, then it's time to assemble! I think I'm going to modify the instructions a bit, just to have a flatter edge around the neck and under the arms. I hope to finish knitting the front tonight, then I'll block it, and probably get it all seamed up this weekend. With a little luck, it'll be a finished object by next week!

I'm still working on Wendy's blanket, now on row 167/260, so just over 2/3 done. If I can manage 25 rows/day over the long weekend, I'll be able to block it and then do the last bit of decorative embroidery before the baby shower on July 12. And then I'll be able to show you photos the next week!

Jonathan's socks are still in progress, though they don't look much different from last week because I haven't hit the heel yet. 

Finally, I cast on another baby blanket. This one is for my cousin Andrew and his fiancée Hayley, who is due in a few months. 
It's knit from Bernat Pipsqueak in Baby Baby Print on US size 9/13 mm needles. It's a nice, easy garter stitch, which is good for movies or watching my guy playing video games. He's currently playing through 'The Last of Us' on PS3, and it is an awesome game! There is so much story, and it's woven into the gameplay so beautifully! It's almost as much fun for me to watch as it is for him to play, I think. 

Speaking of my guy, I picked up some new yarn to make socks for him - Malabrigo Sock in 806 Impressionist Sky. I knit my swatch on US size 1/2.25 mm needles. Once I get another pair off the needles, he's getting some TARDIS socks! Woohoo!

So. That's where I am with stuff. Cross your fingers that I'll get piles done for next week!

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