Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A whirlwind tour

I spent this past weekend with Karen and her family in Canada, and it was wonderful! My parents and her in-laws were there, too, so it was a full house. 

I usually like to use my vacations to relax and knit, but this time, we had lots of things scheduled, and my only knitting time was on the plane. 

I finished the pair of hand-warmers that was on my needles last week, and I managed to finish another pair during my travels - and it was a pair I'd been working on for far too long. I tend not to follow yarn/needle size recommendations for adult-sized hand-warmer patterns, because I have tiny hands. No, really. When I go to a store to buy gloves or mittens, I have to buy children's gloves. Instead of using standard worsted weight yarn, I usually use sock yarn and smaller needles. 

The warmers I finished, from a pattern in Mollie Makes magazine, were so cute! They've got an owl motif, and I really wanted them, but I went too small in my yarn/needle combination. I suppose I could have just ripped out the first one when I realized it was too small, but I hate doing that. Instead, I made the second one and gave them to my niece!

But I don't have photos yet. Good news, though, Karen lives with her kid, and can totally post photos for me! (Hint, hint.) The owl hand-warmers are knit from PureLuxury Organic Peruvian Alpaca in colour 5, a dark grey colour. 

Of course, with one project done, another begins: more hand-warmers, this time from Bernat Bamboo in Rain Garden. Photos will follow when complete! 

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