Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How I spent my weekend

This past weekend was a little bit crazy. Every once in a while, I agree to take on a big project, and stress myself out by completely underestimating the time it will take. This time, though, my estimate was spot-on!

I made a wedding cake AND a groom's cake for a reception that was an hour away from my house, and started at 5:00 pm. I worried about the timing, honestly, especially on Friday night! I started baking at 2:00pm, and crawled into bed around midnight. But all of the cakes were baked and crumb-coated!

I woke up early on Saturday to get the rest going. I managed to get all four tiers frosted and covered in fondant, and get the supports in, before noon. 

Then I worked on the groom's cake. It wasn't what I had originally planned - I was going to do a big UGA logo, but it would have been next to impossible to get the cream cheese frosting coloured black. Instead, I went with a football sitting on a field, with a store-bought logo applied to the football. 

I'm glad I bought that grass tip! It definitely turned out the way I hoped it would. 

Somehow, I finished with enough time to have a shower, do my hair, AND put on makeup before my wonderful helper arrived to load up the car with me. 

I got all of the cakes, plus my camera and my toolbox in the back of my car, which is pretty cool, given how tiny my car is. With a bit of help, I got the cakes into the reception hall, then piped the last bits of beading and scrollwork, and added the flowers the bride picked out (which I had not seen until I arrived at the hall!).

I have to say, I'm really happy with the end result:

And more importantly, the bride was really happy with it!

So that's what I did this weekend. 

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