Monday, May 6, 2013


I have a small problem.  I love Michael's.  I don't have a Hobby Lobby up here in Canada.  Or JoAnn's.  Two other stores I love very much.  Tonight was a night of spending too much money at Michael's but seriously - I got some awesome deals.  

Like these:  A pack of 8 cards for $1.50 with the little pennant banner already punched out!

Some super cute markers - all $1.50 each.  Not pictured is also a light purple one.

Here's a quick little card I made with my new supplies - nothing too fancy - but still cute :)

And then I bought some Owl cards for thank you notes, Hello Kitty sticky flags (I'm a sucker for anything post it note related lol), and a pack of cute little purple cards.

I also bought more... but it's stuff that is being used for a top secret project (and I left the shopping bag downstairs lol).

Do you always spend too much at the craft store???

Love K

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